What is sencha powder?

Sencha powder is a finely ground form of sencha.

Sencha is a type of green tea.
While matcha is more famous overseas, sencha is consumed more than matcha in Japan, as it is consumed more in daily life.
Green tea, including sencha, is delicious and good for you.

As a result of investigating the association between green tea consumption and the risk of all-cause mortality and the risk of death from major causes, including cancer, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, respiratory disease, and death from external causes, the following was found in the group of habitual green tea drinkers.

(1) Reduced risk of all-cause mortality and heart disease in men and women
(2) Reduced risk of death from cerebrovascular disease and respiratory disease in men

The study did not find a significant association between tea and cancer deaths.

(Prevention-related Project, National Cancer Institute, National Cancer Center)

Sencha powder looks similar to matcha, but contains less caffeine and more tannin (*1) compared to matcha.

type caffeine tannin
Source: STANDARD TABLES OF FOOD COMPOSITION IN JAPAN – 2015 -(Seventh Revised Edition) (Supplementary Edition 2018)

(*1) Tannins are the name given to plant components that have a tanning effect on the skin, while catechins are the name given to substances that have a certain chemical structure. More than 85% of the tannins in tea leaves belong to the catechin group, so in tea, tannins are almost the same as catechins.
(O-CHANET、 World Green Tea Association)

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