How to Prepare Sencha powder for Drinking

  1. Amount of sencha powder used
    About 1g (about 1/2 teaspoon) per 200ml of water, hot water, or shochu water.
    You can adjust the amount of sencha powder as you like.
  1. How to mix
    We would like to share with you the method that our staff actually uses in his daily drinking.

(1) Sencha and hot water
① Put powdered sencha in a teacup.
② Add hot water.
③ Stir with a spoon.

(2) Sencha powder and water (200 cc)
① Fill a protein shaker with 100 cc of water.
②Add the powdered sencha.
③Shake well until there are no lumps.
④ Add 100 cc of water and stir gently.

(3) Sencha powder and Shochu
① Pour the shochu into a glass first.
② Add the powdered sencha.
③Add the water and stir gently.
④Add water and stir gently.
*Shochu without the smell of the ingredients is suitable.

  1. Others
    The powdered sencha may settle over time. If this happens, stir again.

If you put sencha powder and hot water into a canteen and try to stir it by shaking it like a protein shaker, the remaining air inside the bottle will expand rapidly and hot water will spurt out of the water bottle, which may cause burns.
In this case, put a small amount of water and sencha powder in the canteen, shake the water bottle to stir it, and then add hot water.

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